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hi sam my dad smokes drugs and he has gone a little mad lately.
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Thank you for sending your letter to me. I can hear that things have been difficult with dad recently, so I’m really glad you’ve decided to talk about it.

It sounds like smoking drugs is causing your dad to act in a way that seems strange and upsetting. It’s not ok that you are seeing your dad like this. Your dad should be there to support you and keep you safe and it sounds like smoking drugs is making it hard for him to do that. There are lots of reasons why people might use drugs and you might find it helpful to read more about drugs in Explore.

It can be difficult to live with someone who is taking drugs and you deserve to get support. It can be really hard to stop taking drugs, and it might be that your dad needs some help to change the way he is behaving. I want you to remember though, that it is not your responsibility to stop your dad from smoking drugs. There are people out there who can support you both with what is happening. I wonder if there are any adults in your life that you could share your concerns with? Perhaps you could talk to a teacher, or another family member. That might be a first step towards getting some help. You would also be very welcome to talk to a counsellor at ChildLine by calling on 0800 1111 or logging in for a 1-2-1 chat through the website.

You might also find the Children’s Society website useful as it has a page specially for young people who are concerned about a parent who is drinking or using drugs. Finally, you could check out the message boards to see what other young people are saying about alcohol, smoking and drugs.

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