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Ok, so I have taken almost every drug out there(both legal and illegal) and I smoke and drink a lot. I want advise on how to get out of the habits as it interferes with my school work and my levels are dropping loads. I really need to stop smoking and everything as my habits are leading me to extreme measures to get money so I can buy more. Also it effects my mood and I am constantly depressed
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Hi there,

Looking to break habits involving drugs, alcohol and smoking, can be hard but there are definitely ways to stop and different types of support available to help.

Recognising the negative impacts that it has is a really good start to motivating yourself to stop. At times when it feels difficult it’s important to remind yourself of the reasons for quitting using these substances. Maybe try to build up an image of how your life would be without them and how you’d feel differently about yourself as a goal to aim for. 

It can help to think too about the situations when you smoke, drink or take drugs. If it happens to be when you’re around certain people in your life, maybe consider whether you want to be spending as much time with these people.

Sometimes people can use drink or drugs when they’re in situations they find hard to cope with, when they feel down or stressed and this will be different for everyone. Maybe have a think about what makes you want to do these things.

Drugs, smoking and alcohol often make people feel happier or more relaxed for a really short period of time but then even more down afterwards. So it can help to focus on what makes you feel happy or relaxed but that isn’t going to make you feel worse afterwards, whether it be something like music or exercise, again it’ll be different for everyone. Take a look at the hobbies and interests thread on our message boards.

Your doctor could also give you some help and advice around different ways to stop and any services local to you. Talk To Frank offer advice too about drugs including alcohol as well as a support service and there is also an NHS page about ways to quit smoking.

It’s important to remember that if you have a slip up and do one of the things that you were trying to stop that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it, maybe try talking it through to get yourself back focused on your goal. Remember the ChildLine counsellors are here to listen to you and support you - you don't have to cope on your own.

Take care,

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