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Doctors without parents knowing

I was just wondering what age i can go to the doctors on my own to get treatment for self harm without my parents knowing
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Anyone over the age of 16 is entitled to doctor-patient confidentiality. This means your doctor is not allowed to discuss anything you talk to them about with your parents or carers.

You can visit your doctor alone at any age. Most of the time a doctor will keep the things you talk about private, however, if you are under 16 and the doctor thinks you are in any danger they may have to tell someone else. This could be your parents or carers, or other people like the police or social services. You can always ask your doctor about their confidentiality policy first.

Doctors can treat any physical injuries from self-harm, as well as help to support you with how you are feeling emotionally too.

It’s always important that any wounds from self-harm are kept clean and dressed to prevent infection. Getting medical support and advice for kind of injury is always a good idea.

Doctor’s appointments can often be quite short, and it can be a good idea to prepare what you might like to say to the doctor. Doc Ready might help you get prepared before an appointment with your doctor or GP.

Remember you are always welcome to talk to a Childline counsellor about anything that’s going on.

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