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I am extremley self concious and i constantly feel like everyone is staring at me. when I walk down the road i constantly tug on my sleeve or skirt and seem to "waddle" when i walk as my dad has told me.
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Hi there,

Appearance can be important for some people, and it's okay for people to care about the way they look. I think it's important not to become obsessed about appearance and let it impact on the way you feel about yourself. Or let it take over your everyday life.

Sometimes there can be so much focus on outward appearances, that it's easy to forget who we are on the inside. The way you feel on the inside is equally important, if not more important.   

We are all harder on ourselves than other people probably will be. Getting used to ourselves and how we look is a big part of building confidence. It may help to ignore any negative or mean comments you receive from other people. If you feel that you can’t ignore them, try talking to someone who could help make them stop. And maybe you could let them know how these comments make you feel.

Try to remember that what you see in yourself when you're walking down the road may not be what everyone else sees. It might help you to try and think of all the qualities that you do have, and what your friends like about you.

You may find it useful to take a look at what other young people are saying on our message boards.

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