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um........ So im 10 years old and i have acne.... Im really scared to show my face to other people.

All my friends dont have acne so i feel kinda .... Self conscious 😞 So i lock myself in my room . I dont know what to do ............

Please help sam .

Thank you

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Lots of young people are affected by acne. In fact, 80% of 11-30 year olds have acne. Having spots can make some people feel really worried about how they look. It sounds like it’s making you feel unhappy.

As you may know, acne is different to spots. Here are some things that can help with spots:

  • using face-washes for blemishes
  • drinking lots of water
  • eating healthily can help.

But acne can be more difficult. Acne is usually to do with your hormones, not what you eat or what you use to wash. Going to a pharmacy for advice or visiting your doctor to talk about it can help. You could ask your parents or carers about this.  

You have the right to feel good about how you look.  So if your acne is making you feel self-conscious, it may also help to get some support with building up your confidence and self-esteem

Sometimes feeling different to people around you can be really difficult but don’t let it stop you enjoying your life. It could help to talk to other young people on the message boards to see if anyone else has advice. You’re not alone with going through this.

If you’d like more support with this (or anything else) you can talk to a counsellor anytime about how you’re feeling. The NHS Choices website also gives some helpful advice about acne.

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