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Hi sam, I’ve just gone through an abortion and the after feeling is unreal I’m feeling so down and upset about everything all I do is cry I don’t want to leave the house and I don’t know what to do? I’ve only just been going back to school after 3/4 weeks and it’s so hard and I can’t cope going through the day without crying and getting upset I think it’s all getting too much for me. But what do I do because I can’t stop crying and feeling depressed all the time?

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Hi there,

Having an abortion can be a very difficult decision to make and it’s hard to know how you'll feel until it happens. Some people may feel relief while for others feelings can be mixed or intense and complicated. These feelings are natural but it’s important to seek support and take care of yourself.

There's no right or wrong way to feel about abortion. People have different opinions about whether abortions are the right thing to do. But it is legal to have an abortion in the UK, unless you live in Northern Ireland. If you live in Northern Ireland you can travel to other parts of the country to have an abortion legally. Even though you haven’t done anything illegal by having an abortion, it can still have a big effect on your feelings.

Having an abortion can be an upsetting experience for some people and it may take time to come to terms with. There's help and support available whether you're thinking about having an abortion or if you're struggling to cope afterwards. You can contact your local Brook centre, GP or someone that you feel you can trust.

In the meantime it’s important to give yourself space and time. It’s okay to cry if you feel upset and to accept that you're going through a tough time. Feeling low or depressed is hard to cope with on your own - it's okay to talk about how you're feeling with someone.

Remember that you can always speak to a Childline counsellor. They can help you talk about the feelings that are hard to deal with.

Thanks for your letter I hope this has helped.

Take care.


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