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My dog died

Hello Sam,
I know there are people with much bigger problems than myself but recently my dog died. She was a Germas Sheperd and the best one too. She was my companion and one of my bestest of friends. Is there some way I can just forget her without properly grieving about it? I know that sounds horrible and mean but I think it has been affecting my SATS scores and tests/assestments. How can I stop this?
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Hi there,

All the letters I receive are important, and I can see how important your dog was to you. Pets can play a huge part in our lives and the feelings of loss can be very hard to deal with. I’m not sure you can forget a dog that has been such a good companion to you. Feeling sad is natural when something like this has happened.

It may be possible to focus your thoughts somewhere else for a while. But if this grief isn't given the proper time it needs, then it may come back in the future. Talking about how you feel to a family member or close friend may help you feel better. Talking can also help you to remember your dog for all the love and fun she gave you. There will be many happy memories and you don’t have to forget these to get through this sadness. Perhaps a memory box or photo album of her favourite toys and pictures could help and will be something you can hold on to.

We have a short film about a boy whose dog died. You could watch the video because sometimes seeing how other people deal with similar situations can help you to begin to understand what you are feeling. The ChildLine message boards is a great place where young people post messages of support to each other. You could see if people on the message boards could give you some advice. You could also have a look at our page about when someone dies.

You don’t sound mean or horrible for expressing how you feel. It's unfortunate that this happened during your SATs tests. One way for you to begin to deal with your feelings may be to talk to a ChildLine counsellor. With time and support maybe you can remember your dog with the love and affection she gave you.

Take care,

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