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my brother

sam my brothers fighting in the raf but im missing him like mad and i havent seen him in ages i really miss do you know how to help me
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter.

When someone you care about is away for long periods of time it’s natural to miss them, and you might also think about them a lot.

It could be a good idea to ask someone when you can expect to see them next so that you know how long you will need to wait before you see them again. Perhaps you could think about making a plan to do something special together when you do see them next. That could give you something positive to look forward to and planning can be a good distraction from difficult feelings.

When a family member is in the forces like the RAF or Army, you might feel worried about them while they are away and that’s ok. People in the forces often like to receive letters from family members at home, keeping them up to date with any news and letting them know that they are missed. Sometimes people in the forces will be able to make phone calls using Skype. It might be worth asking a parent or carer about whether that’s an option available to you.

It is worth remembering that there are many ways to stay in touch, like email or mobile phone applications that allow you to see the person you are talking to. None of that is ever the same as being with the person, but it can make us miss them a little less.

I hope you find some of the ideas in my letter helpful. Remember, if you would like to talk to someone about missing your brother or about anything else on your mind, the ChildLine counsellors are always there for you. You can also look at our message boards where other young people share their experiences.

Take care,


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