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Moving away from my best friend

In February, I'm going to be moving to Scotland and the thing is I don't know if I should be happy😀or sad😥.I know Scotland is such a great place to live but I'll be leaving my friends and family

Please help me in my situation.


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Hi M*

Change can often be an uncomfortable thing to imagine. And we're never quite sure how it’s likely to affect us until it happens. This can feel quite worrying if you're wondering what will happen and how things will be.

It’s natural to feel mixed emotions. Even when we know there are good things too, such as new things to explore and people to meet, we might also feel sad to leave friends behind. Having an idea about how you’ll keep in touch with the people you care about can help you feel more secure and reassured. You can text, call, email, Skype or even write letters.

Feeling confused about change and moving away is very natural and it is always ok to talk to a family member you trust about these feelings so that they can support you.

Family and friends are important to everybody in different ways. It maybe that they too would want the opportunity to know how you are feeling so that they can be aware and support you in the best possible way.

You could also think about what support will be there when you arrive, so that you have people you can talk to, which can help settle you in. It’s a natural part of life for things to change, end and begin, and everybody’s experience of this is different. You could check out the message boards to see how other young people have coped in similar situations.

You can also get some tips about moving house by reading this young person's blog.

Remember, there'll always be a counsellor you can talk to. You never have to feel on your own.

Take care,

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