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I need help! I am getting interviewes by cafcass soon because i am going  to move to london woth my mum and my step dad but my dad obviousley went to court and what should i do in the onterview. help! im scared
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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter. It sounds like a very scary time for you right now as you’ve said you are going to be interviewed by CAFCASS soon. You’ve done the right thing by getting some support with what’s happening.

CAFCASS (which stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service), are there to support children and young people whose parents have separated and have been unable to agree about future arrangements for their children.

It sounds like you are particularly worried about what will happen in the interview. Being interviewed by any agency or organisation can feel frightening and it’s important that you are supported leading up to and during the interview.

CAFCASS will be your voice in the family courts and will help to ensure your welfare is put first during the proceedings. CAFCASS will work with you to find out more about your feelings and what your wishes might be. This might include how you feel towards your parents, what your relationship is like with them and also how you feel about your current living situation.

You haven’t talked about what your relationship is like with your mum, your dad, or your stepdad. If you feel able to talk to one of them, that might be an option for you to say how scared you feel right now.

Sometimes when parents choose to divorce or separate, it can be a very stressful time for the child or young person involved. Often children can feel torn between both parents or feel they are to blame, so it’s important to remember that none of this is your fault and you have not done anything wrong.

If you take a look at the information on the CAFCASS website, it might help you to feel more prepared about what to expect. You haven’t mentioned when the interview is going to happen, but what you could also do is contact ChildLine to talk through all your worries and the things you might want to tell CAFCASS. The ChildLine counsellors will give you a safe space to talk about how you’re feeling and to look at what might help you to feel supported.

You’ve also mentioned moving to London with your mum and your stepdad. Any move can feel like a big change and it can feel even more stressful if there are a lot of other things happening around you too.

This is not something you have to go through on your own. There is support and I would encourage you to get in contact to talk with a ChildLine counsellor by calling 0800 1111 (free from any phone), logging on for a 1-2-1 chat or by sending an email.

I hope this letter has been helpful – good luck for your interview.

Remember – you are not on you own.

Take care,


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