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foster care, and moveing out

Hi i doubt this will be seen but...

I've been in care fro 6 year's now, (im nearly 16) and im planning on moveing out when i've finsihed year 11- Im planning to move away to study at college, do you know if

1. im allowed to move out of care at 16.
2. if social services will provied me with houseing/ money
3. Will i be given a youth worker, or a new social worker?

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Thank you very much for your letter. It’s great to hear that you are making positive plans for your future and I’m really pleased that you’ve asked for some support with that.

As you are currently in care, you will be entitled to a care package and support until you are 18 (or until you are 21 if you stay in further education).

It is my understanding that you do not need to leave care if you want to move away to go to college but you will need the permission of your social worker.

Your care package will provide for you to attend college if that is what you would like to do and your social worker will be able to explain to you what will be available and help you to arrange it.

There are a number of websites you may find helpful. There is a section on Living in care in Explore and also about leaving care on Directgov.

You may find these sites interesting:

To answer your questions.

1. You will need permission to move to a different area. This should be obtained through your social worker.

2. Social Services are responsible for your care and will provide you with housing and the benefits you are entitled to.

3. You will continue have a Social Worker responsible for your well being.

If you have any more questions or concerns about going to college, or anything else that may affect you;  you will be very welcome to talk to one of our counsellors on 0800 1111 (free call) or maybe use the 1-2-1 chat.

I hope this helps.

Take care,


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