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I am writting to you to say that my dad died last munth and i havent been coping that well, so what shall i do. i have been hiting and lashing out at teachers. mostly shouting and swering what shall i do to stop. becouse i lived with my dad for 5 year. pleas child line help me get over it
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Hi there,

People deal with death in many different ways. They can also feel a lot of difficult emotions, such as anger, sadness and confusion. There is no definite right or wrong way to cope with someone dying.

Whenever we go through something difficult, like the death of someone we love, it’s bound to have an effect on other parts of our lives. Lashing out at teachers is a sign that you are finding it hard to cope at the moment and this is to be expected. Not wanting to be around others and feeling like things don’t matter anymore are other ways someone might be affected by death.

It’s quite normal to need extra support when someone dies, and it’s okay to ask for it. Only you will know the kind of support you need. It could be anything from finding ways to let out your feelings to getting support from a counsellor or therapist.

Many young people find that Cruse’s RD4U website is helpful. You could also have a look at the Winston’s Wish website. I would suggest starting there and beginning to think about what kind of support you might need.

You could also have a look at our message boards. You might find that another young person has been through losing a parent and has posted something about what has helped them to cope.

Please remember ChildLine is always here for you and our counsellors are ready to talk if you would like to do that.

Take care,

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