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Could i get cancer?

hi sam
I am scared of having cancer because my mum and my antuie both had cervical cancer and the same antiue had breast cancer, a few weeks ago i found a lump and i have not had sex yet and it was very painful. But i went away after a few days and now i keep getting lumps but they are getting bigger, What do I do I am so scared!
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter, it sounds like a lot has been going on for you lately, and it’s great that you got in touch. 

I am not medically trained, so I can’t tell you what these lumps could mean, but it sounds like they can be quite painful and you are really worried about them. You have been brave to write this letter and I am glad that you did. Often the best way to find out for sure would be to speak to a doctor or a nurse, they will probably have seen this sort of thing before, and should be able to tell you what is causing it, and they will tell what can be done to make it feel better. If you don’t feel ready to talk to your GP just yet, maybe you could have a look at NHS Choices for more information.

I can hear that it is a really worrying time for you at the moment, how would it feel to get in touch with one of our counsellors at ChildLine and talk through what you can do next, you can do this through the 1-2-1 chat service or call 0800 1111. Some young people like to talk to a counsellor around their concerns about going to a GP or around taking someone with them and how to tell that person they need their help and support. Young people also talk to us about what they might say in such situations and practice so they feel more confident when the time comes to talk to a doctor.

Thanks again for getting in touch, and good luck. 


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