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Fear of being sick

Hi Sam, ​I've had this phobia for 3 years now, and I don't know what to do. I can't stand anyone throwing up or me th...

What do I say if I call?

hi sam, so ive really been considering calling childline over my issues so i can talk one to one and get help, but im...

Gap year / university

hi there, ​ nothing big but i was wondering what happens once im 18 with decision making. i want to go on a gap year ...

Message from Sam

Self-harm is something I get a lot of letters about. Some people do it to cope, others might feel addicted to it. If anyone has questions about self-harm, or supporting someone else who is self-harming, then I'd be interested in hearing about it over the next couple of weeks.

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Thank you for reading my letter. Can pupils complain about  how dirty the toilets are at school, because the girls to...


I told my best friend about my suicide attempt but she told school I haven't spoken to her since she was the only one...

changing schools2

i just moved to a new school & its kind of new for me , new subjects and language . I am worried about the exams ...

school changing

my mum and dad are thinking of me moving house and changing schools but i love the way things are. i love my friends ...

I've had enough

I just hate everything. At school I hate my friends they alwasy make jokes at my expense I feel pushed out the 'popul...


I know we wear school uniform for a reason To unify us all, but am I right in thinking that my high school and other ...


I told my best friend about my suicide attempt but she told school I haven't spoken to her since she was the only one...


dear sam,my BFF is not talking or playing with me at lunch ,no matter how hard I try.sometimes she will not laugh or ...

Moving out

Im 16 and im on a child protection plan. I want to move out as i am sick of having to look after my parents. Will the...