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What's that point of trying hard when it's not good enough?

I'm working as hard as I can at school and I can just about manage C's for my gcse's. what is the point of all of this hard work if I can't get the grades I want and get a good job. Unemployment is so high right now that all my hard work will amount to nothing because no where is hiring anyone, especially architecture firms. It's best I stop working now and stop putting all this pressure on myself  rather than going through with all this for no reason because no where will hire me.
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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting me about how you are feeling right now. You have done the right thing to get in touch if you are unsure about what to do.

It sounds like you are feeling disheartened that despite working hard in your GCSE’s, you may not achieve the results you need to follow your chosen career path. You feel like things are against you in terms of achieving the grades you want and the impact of high unemployment on young people generally in your area. Many will feel disheartened for the same reason and you can begin to wonder what all this hard work and effort is for.

I can really hear that you want to follow a career in architecture and it is important that you keep that focus in your life, but in whatever we do, it is always a good idea to have an alternative plan. It is useful, when you have such a clear career goal, that you seek advice and support around it. A carers teacher or adviser or perhaps even a talk with someone who is already working as an architect could help you with planning how you could get into this career. Some people might also think about the other areas of employment that you could use your skills and achievements in. Should the situation change, then you could always return to architecture at a later date.

You don’t say how old you are but it may be possible for you to contact local firms and volunteer for work experience. Showing your commitment to achieving goals can make a good impression and reap rewards later on.

It may help to explore how other young people have coped in similar situations and you can find out more by looking through the message boards on the ChildLine website. There is also useful advice in the explore pages about planning for the future. It can also be useful to talk through your concerns with a guidance teacher, school counsellor or another trusted adult. ChildLine counsellors are also available 24/7 to support you through this difficult time.

You did really well to write to me and explain clearly your concerns and I wish you luck for the future.

Take care,


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