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what should i do?????????????

My friendis ill and am not aloud to see her.Everyone at school is asking where she is and she told me not to of my friends know and everyone is asking her aswell.What Should We Do?????????????????
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Hi there,

Thank you for writing to me. I can hear the situation with your friend being off school is difficult for you right now.

It sounds like you and your other friend are trying really hard to respect your friend’s wishes and not tell, but it’s stressful as everyone is asking. I get the sense that this feels like a lot of pressure. This is understandable as it sounds like you are in a very tricky situation at the moment.

I imagine that your teachers will also know about your friend’s situation. It might be helpful if one of the teachers gives a message to explain a little bit, asking people to respect your friend’s privacy and not ask her friends for information. Your friend or her parents could talk to the school and decide what they want to be said. This might also make things easier for your friend when it is time for her to come back to school.

If you think this might help, you could speak to an adult you trust, like a parent or teacher, or a counsellor at ChildLine to talk about this a bit more.

I get the sense that as well as the stress in school it might be worrying and scary for you that your friend is ill, especially if you aren’t allowed to see her. I’m wondering if you are able to keep in touch with her family, maybe by messaging or writing to them. This could also be a way of your friend being updated with what’s happening in school, if she wants.

It’s important you get support so please remember that you are always welcome to contact ChildLine to talk to a counsellor, either by phoning on 0800 1111, emailing or logging on for a 1-2-1 chat. You can talk about this or anything else you're worried about.

Take care,

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