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What do I put on a CV?

hi sam, we're writing our cv's for our mock interviews at school, and i don't know what i should write about; i feel like i have little to no achievements. is there anything to specifically mention or talk about? what would make me appear as favorable? thank you.

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Hi there,

When looking for a job it's very common they will ask for something called a CV, which is a short document that tells the employer about who you are and the kind of skills you might have. There are different ways to write a CV and you may see advice about different styles and what to include. It's important that your CV shows all of your skills and not just ones that have come from work experience. Try to think about all the different experiences you've had and the skills you have learned.

Your CV should have some basic information about who you are and how to contact you - such your name, a telephone number and email address. You don't need to put anything about your age, gender or any disabilities on your CV - it's against the law for an employer to select people based on those things, except where it matters to the job itself.

When thinking about what to include on your CV, try to think about times when you have demonstrated a skill. It might be that you can show you are able to work in a team because you were on a school sports team, in a play or involved in a school project. The things you include don't have to be jobs, they can be anything. Everything you do can be an opportunity to show you have a particular skill.

If you feel like you need more specific experience to write on a CV you could think about volunteering. If you work for a registered charity as a volunteer it gives you valuable experience that you can include on a CV and talk about in interviews. You can find volunteering opportunities at Vinspired. We've also got advice on jobs and work.

I hope this has helped you to think about your skills and abilities in a different way, so that you can show everything you have to offer when it's time to start looking for work. Our counsellors are always here if you'd like more support.

Take care,


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