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The transfer conundrum

I transfered to a school to do my A-levels but the school just isn't right for me. i want to go back to my original school but they only do IB's. So my question is...Do i transfer and wreck my career and uni path or do i endure 2 years of unhappiness for longterm success?

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Hi there,

It’s sometimes hard to make a big decision. When it can affect your future and the career you want, it can help to think about your long-term plans. But you should also remember that your happiness now is important too.

Change can be difficult and it might take time to settle into a new environment or routine. Sometimes things can improve when you give yourself time to get used to a new situation. But if you’re unhappy or feeling stressed you might need to see what you can change. You could think about other choices like spending more time doing home study, changing courses, your school or both.

It can help to get some advice from a teacher or careers adviser about your options. Try to be specific about what the problem is. If you’re missing your friends or feeling lonely you could join in social activities or a club to make new friends and feel more included. If you find the work too hard or easy you could set yourself challenges or ask for help with your studies. You might not have to change everything if there are certain things that you can do that will make the situation better for you.

Any decision you make will have both positives and negatives. Writing down the pros and cons for each option can often help you see things clearly. You might notice that one option has more things in its favour than others.

Sometimes looking at all the pros and cons can help you to see advantages that you hadn’t noticed before. Focusing on the positives might make your situation seem less of a problem and could help change how you feel. You might notice benefits that are less obvious like having less travelling time, more facilities, being nearer to friends and family or other advantages that could make things easier in the long run.

Whatever you decide, it’s important that it feels like the right answer for you, even if it’s not perfect. Remember, trusting your feelings and your instincts can often help so try to notice how you feel about the different choices. A strong negative or positive feeling can sometimes tell you whether it’s going to be manageable or not.

I hope this advice has helped and remember that you can talk to a counsellor at Childline about this or anything else that’s worrying you

Take care,


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