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The pressure of picking your GCSEs

Hello Sam

just want to say thank you for reading this. Well because i am in y9 now, our school is making us choose our GCSEs. This makes me super nervous because of one reason. Every test, every lesson, every moment in the classroom teachers make sure we glue that information in to our brains but if i don't choose the subject. What was the point of all of that glueing? I want to do choose the good subject, no wait the right subject. What do i do? Teachers share their views, parents share their view, friends share their views but what do i do. I honestly try to block out everything but you can't because they stare at you like your body frozen. So how do i pick my GCSEs.

thanks sam

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Hi there,

It’s natural to feel nervous about your GCSE options. It sounds like all of the views being shared by teachers, parents and friends is making you feel overwhelmed about choosing the good or right subject.

What you want and how you feel about your GCSE subjects is most important. Your teachers may be trying to help you decide if you enjoy a subject without realising that this isn’t actually helping. This is going to be a time when lots of people will have views and opinions which might not be the same as yours – and that’s okay. But it’s also okay to share and tell people what you want.

Making decisions can be really difficult, but you’re not alone. Try not to choose a subject just because your friends are doing it or you like the teacher. Focus on what you enjoy and what you’re good at, spend some time thinking about it and maybe write down a list of what you like and don’t like.

If there are new subjects to choose from - read the description and maybe talk it through with a someone you trust

There are lots of resources to help you decide what career you want to do. Most schools should have a careers advisor or someone you can talk to about your career. Remember that many people don’t know what they want to do and change their mind as time goes on.

Childline counsellors are here to support you with anything that might be happening. They can talk to you about what you want without judgement or pressure.

Take Care,


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