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I am in year 12 and I have just found out that my favourite teacher is leaving school at the end of the year. Everyone is upset of course because she is honestly the best teacher who we have been tought by since starting high school, but she was more than just a teacher to me. she helped me through the stress and panic that my GCSE's brought on me and I felt happier talking to her about it than anyone else. I only have 1 year left in school but Alevels are tough and I know that year 13 will be the hardest year at school especially now I have lost that guide/mentor that my teacher has been for me. I'm not sure what I should do. have you got any advice?


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Hi there,

Saying goodbye to someone important can make you feel lost and worried about how to manage without them. It’s normal to feel upset and it can help to remember that you still have all the advice and the information they shared with you, even if they’re not with you anymore.

What you gained from a good role model like a teacher or a coach is never really lost because you’ve learned and changed through their influence. You could write down the advice they gave you so you can keep it after they’ve gone and continue to do your best in the future.

It’s important to say goodbye and to thank them for their help and support. Having positive memories and focussing on being thankful can help if you’re missing them or feeling upset.

A guide or mentor can help you recognise the things you’re good at and build your self-esteem. Having support to get through stressful times like starting high school or exams can give you the confidence to know you can manage again when things are tough.

So it’s okay to ask for support and help from other people in the future too. Ask your teacher or guide to help you to plan ahead for when they’re not around and to signpost you to the help you might need. You might find Childline’s advice on preparing for exams and dealing with exam stress helpful too.

Remember, you can always contact a Childline counsellor when you need support or to talk about how you’re feeling.

I hope this has helped.

Take care,


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