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Stress about my exams

Hello sam
recently i have gotten really serious about my studies because i failed my mocks exams and i want to get the best grades in my summer exams but the teachers are treating me like i am hopeless. i was the joker of the class even people in my school act surprised when i show up on time and do my work.
so my question is how do i change their view and make them teachers understand to leave me alone and let me do my work and move past the last practice test we did ( the teachers keep reminding me how i failed at them) because this is really putting me down everything finally in my life is good except people thinking i am hopeless and going to fail my exams but i am really trying now.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter.

It's very positive that you’ve started to focus on your studies - you should be really proud of yourself. 

It seems quite frustrating for you to have people around you putting you down and I’m glad you felt able to tell me about it.

When people say negative, mean or nasty things to someone over and over again it can make that person start to wonder if it’s true. It can also affect their confidence and self-esteem. Teachers have a responsibility to help and support pupils. They should want you to do well and respect your decision to work hard.

I’m glad to hear that things in your life are finally good. Your positive attitude should really help you with your revision. I can hear that you would like the people around you to start being more supportive of the changes you’ve made.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to know how their words and comments are affecting you unless you explain to them. You’ve asked how you can change your teachers' view to make them understand how serious you are. It sounds like you have made a great start already by showing up on time and doing all your work. You might want to think about talking to your teachers to explain what the rest of this year means to you and how their views are making you feel.

It’s unfair for your teachers to judge you on past behaviour or treat you any differently to anyone else.

If things don’t change you might want to think about speaking to your head of year or an adult that you trust who can help you speak to your school.

You’re welcome to talk to a ChildLine counsellor about how you are feeling and what’s been going on at any time. You can contact them by logging on for a 1-2-1 chat or by calling them on 0800 1111 (this is a free number and it won’t show up on your bill).

Best of luck with your exams,


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