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Racism at school

Hi Sam, at my school I am the only white person in my class and there are only 6white people altogether In the year, pretty much all the other people are Muslims. I find it really hard coping with being the 'odd one out' and don't know how to deal with my feelings towards others because they make racist remarks but I can't make a fuss otherwise everyone would hate me, so I just wondered if you have some advice??

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H there,

Racial bullying happens when the bullies target the way you look, your race, culture or nationality. It can be painful and difficult when that happens and it might make you feel like you should change the way you look, speak or act. It’s important to remember that none of this is your fault. You don't have to be alone with your feelings; racism (including racial bullying) is wrong and against the law.

Any type of bullying in school can feel hard to cope with, talking to an adult you trust like a teacher or parent could be a step towards making the bullying stop. Lots of young people worry that telling someone could make the bullying get worse, but stopping it without some support may not be an option.

Your school has a responsibility to do something about bullying that’s reported, so that might be something to think about. Keeping a record of all bullying incidents, like a diary, can be useful when you feel ready to tell someone what’s been happening.

Differences like race or culture can sometimes create barriers between people and one way to start breaking down those barriers could be to learn more about the different races and cultures around us. If there is anyone who is not making racist remarks or bullying you, it might be good to try and get to know them better, so that they can get to know you as well.

The ChildLine counsellors are always available to listen and support anyone who has experience of bullying. Lots of young people have shared their experiences on the message boards too.

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