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I miss my old teacher so much and I don't really like our new one. She may just be a replacment while my old one is off sick but she's changed the class room completely, like I'm not in year 4 anymore! My old teacher was funny and bubbly but now she's gone until the end of turm!

Please help.

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Hi there,

School is a big part of life so it’s normal to want it to be enjoyable. Going to school everyday, we may get used to things being a certain way - like the same classes at the same time, the same friends and the same teachers. When you're part of a routine, it can help you to feel secure, comfortable and part of something. But when this changes we can feel worried and even a little threatened.

Change can affect any part of our life and it can sometimes be hard for everyone involved. It means losing part of what we know and like and facing things or people that are unknown to us. This disrupts our routine, means we have to adjust to new situations, maybe start again or make new relationships.

Different people will have different ways of doing things and while one teacher may like to have the classroom in one way, a new teacher may like to have it a different way. Sometimes, it can help to ask why certain changes are being made and to politely offer alternatives with an explanation of why you and others think they might work. Perhaps you could start by asking the teacher to talk about the changes that have been made.

Having a strong bond with someone like a teacher does mean that it will be hard when they are not around but it can be good to understand that change is a part of life and it can sometimes be easier to live with when we accept it rather than resisting it.

If you'd like to talk about your feelings you can speak to one of our counsellors. You could also have a look on our message boards where young people share their experiences, including what they’ve done to get through difficult situations.

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