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School troubles

School is stressing me out alot, they are putting so much pressure on me. I never get to spend time with my family and homework is taking over my life. Do you have any advice on how I can keep my stress and anxiety levels down, and also find a way I can organise my homework and what I need for school. I would really appreciate the help, thank you ??
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Hi there,

It can be really hard to have a balance between school work and relaxing or doing other things outside of school. Both are important but it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and anxious at times when there are lots of things going on at once. Getting organised is all about planning out that balance.

When finding things overwhelming it can be helpful to break it down and create a list of things that need doing. You can put them in order of how soon they need to be done and how important they are. Try not to make the tasks too big or too small. If you make them too general like “do homework” then it’s hard to stick to it. If you break each thing into too many pieces then it seems like a never ending list and can be off-putting.

If you have an 800 word essay to write and three days to complete it then your list could be to write 400 words on the first day and 400 the second day. Then on the next day you can spend some time going over it and checking it’s good.

Giving a time and place for when we would be able to get around to homework and revision can also help you get things done. Staying somewhere like the library at school can help you get things done. If you do it all there, when you get home you know you have lots of free time.

Take your time to focus on each assignment in turn and work your way through things one a at a time. What seemed overwhelming at the start can seem less daunting when you take it bit by bit.

Of course it’s important to be realistic in what we are able to achieve within a given amount of time and to ask for help if we feel we are unsure of what is asked of us or how best to go about it.

School can be a difficult time but it is also there to support you with your work in achieving the best you can. You can also always come through to a ChildLine counsellor if you feel the stress is getting to you and you would like to talk about it some more.

Take care for now,

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