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Hi sam,
I have a problem. If i am late for school I get a detention and i have never had one before. People are late because the buses are late and unless the bus is a school bus they get a detention.
I take the a non school bus and im really worried im going to be late. I want to leave earlier so i can get the first bus but my brother dosent like to so i cant.
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The idea of getting into trouble at school or being shouted at by parents can make someone feel quite anxious or stressed. Feeling out of control of a situation can also bring those feelings up.

Sometimes it can help to talk to teachers that you trust at school about anything making you anxious. This could help the teacher to understand your situation so that they don’t give you detention.

It can be hard for anyone to support you if they don’t know about how you are feeling. You might want to also consider telling your parents about how waiting for the later bus with your brother is causing problems getting school.

This page on asking an adult for help might give you some ideas around how to go about telling someone you trust.

Another option could be to try and convince your brother that it’s better to get the earlier bus – perhaps find out what makes him want to get the later one and see if you can come to a compromise. When you have to take someone else into account it can sometimes mean making sacrifices – but that works both ways so he should make some too.

Hope this helps, but you can always talk it through with a counsellor to see if there’s anything else you can come up with

Take care.


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