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Hi, my name's G**** and I'm Year 9.

I have just sat an Economics mock exam and I got my results back and I got a fail. I don't know how to tell my parents as my older brother and sister passed their exams with flying colours and have moved on to great things. I feel like I'm letting them down. Everytime I think I've done well at a test or exam, I get a really bad mark and I don't dare tell my parents.

I did lots of revision for this exam but still got a fail. I do lots of dance classes after school. I take them six days a week but I can't really stop the classes because I have a big show coming up at the start of July. I also have to admit that I sometimes feel really down and I just don't want to talk to anyone including my best friend and now we're drifting apart. She's just too busy with other people and I feel alone. yes, I cut but not very often but my parents don't know. I only started doing it a two weeks ago.

However, it was only a mock exam and not the real thing, this means that I can learn from my mistakes when it comes to the real thing in two weeks time. I don't  know whether to focus on this or the fact that I'm one out of six that had failed when there were four people who got an A. My friends all got A's and B's and I feel really stupid. My teacher came up to me and said that he knows I can do better and  that he was surprised and so should I.

We've only been doing the subject since this year began and even though I hate it, I feel upset and annoyed with myself because I know I can do better.

How do I tell my parents? How can I cope with pressure from parents and stress? Have you any advice on how I can actually get the notes and revision I have to stick in my head?


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Hi there,

Thanks for writing to tell me about what's going on at the moment. I can see there's a lot on your mind.

It can feel scary having to think about how to tell your parents something that you don't feel happy with yourself. We have written a bit about how to tell your parents your results on this page so hopefully you will find that useful. 

You said it was a mock exam and you have time to learn from your mistakes before the real thing. This is right. Maybe you could get this across to your parents when you tell them your results. This is one of the reasons mock exams exist. They give people a chance to understand what they will be doing in the real thing. 

Another thing to explain to you parents and to remember for yourself is that you are not the same person as your brother and sister. It’s not right for anyone to compare you with them or judge you by what they have achieved.

It might be that your parents will want to help you when the real exams come around as it seems you are already putting in a lot of work yourself. This may give them an opportunity to support you. They may be able to help you focus on what you can achieve, not what all your friends have achieved.

It sounds as though you really enjoy your dance classes but I can hear that it feels like a big commitment right now. Perhaps by talking about this with your parents or dance tutor you could work out how you can fit everything in.

It’s understandable with so much going on that you feel down sometimes. Not wanting to talk to anyone can be a sign that there’s too much for you to deal with and you need some space for yourself. This could be one of the reasons you feel you’re drifting away from your best friend. Another reason is that you seem to have so little time to spend with friends.

It's worrying you have started to cut yourself because of how you feel. Perhaps you could think about talking to one of our counsellors about this. You can call 0800 1111, email or have an online 1-2-1 chat. In the meantime you could have a look at our page about self-harm.

We have more information on exams and revision and how to cope with exam stress. You can also see what other young people have said about their experiences on the message boards.

Remember, you can talk to a counsellor at any time about any of these issues.

Take care,

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