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To Sam,

I am in year 6 and will take SATS in 2 days time! The teachers are setting too much homewirk (9 pieces!) and going over the top. Now, i am rather able, but i fell as though i have not revised enough! I am trying to do revision now but it feels very last minute. I do and don't feel ready for SATS. Does everyone feel like this?

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Hi there,

Bottling up these worries can make them feel even stronger, so sharing them is always a good idea. It's completely normal for young people to feel nervous about exams. It's also normal to not be sure about what exams will be like. You can read more about ways to cope when you’re feeling like this on our Exam stress page. People often feel worried about how well they will do in exams even if they have a good chance of doing well.

It sounds like you felt teachers were putting you under pressure by asking you to do a lot of preparation. It’s possible that teachers hadn’t realised how nervous you were feeling, so maybe you could talk to them about how you're feeling. It’s good to hear that you were trying to do some revision, even though you felt unsure about the best way to do it. There are lots of suggestions from other young people on the message boards about ways to revise. You could also check out our revision tips.  

If you would like to talk more about how you’re feeling about the SATS now that they are over you could have a conversation with a ChildLine counsellor on the phone or online. Perhaps you could also think about telling someone you trust about how you were feeling.

Please remember you can get in touch with ChildLine counsellors if you would like to talk more.

Take care,

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