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I have 9 days until my SATS, I have A LOAD of stress, and u need a way of relieving it. I have tried stress balls, they aren't working, any ideas?
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Hi there,

Pressure to do well in exams from teachers, parents, friends and even yourself can be really stressful. It can make you worry about failing, or not getting the grades you need or are expected to get.

Some stress can be good, as it can keep you motivated and working hard. But at exam time stress levels can get out of hand which can stop people from performing at their best so it’s important to get it back under control.

Some of the symptoms of stress and anxiety are:

  • difficulty getting to sleep or waking up
  • feeling tired
  • being forgetful
  • having a poor appetite
  • losing interest in activities
  • getting headaches
  • blurred vision or dizziness. 

Coping with this can be difficult, and different things work for different people. Sometimes you have try a few things before you find what works best for you.

You could try look at the beat exam stress guide, hints and tips about revision and some ideas of how to relax and manage the anxiety.

Another way of coping is to talk to an adult you trust about how you’re feeling. Bottling it up and trying to cope on your own without help can make it worse. Or if you don’t feel comfortable talking to them you could talk to a counsellor who’s there to listen and support you.

Take care for now,

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You can talk privately to a counsellor online or call 0800 1111 for free.

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