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Really don't want to go to college.

I'm 16 and i had my life planned in front of me - to join the army. I went for my selection and got medically deferred for being underweight so i can't get in until march. I've been stressing so much as i really don't want to go to college as i don't like any of the courses and I'll lack motivation to train for the army after a boring day at college. Also my anxiety is making me stress out as most people at my college are smokers and drug addicts.

My question is do i really have to attend college? or can I train for the army to assure i pass selection next time?

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Hi there,

Making decisions about your future can be difficult. It's important to take time to consider all of your options and then work out what you want to do next. Remember that very few things in life are permanent choices and there are usually ways to change your mind later. Sometimes part of the journey can be trying things to find out what you don't want to do.

When you're choosing what to do with your education or career, it can feel like you're making a decision that will last for ever. It doesn't usually work out like that, even if it seems this way at the time. The choices you make are important and deserve a lot of thought and consideration, but it's okay if you choose the wrong thing. There's almost always time and space to change your mind later and try something else.

The options that are available to you after school can vary from going to college or sixth form, getting an apprenticeship or working towards a qualification through work (this is called a vocational qualification). It can be a good idea to get some expert advice on your options by talking to a careers advisor. The National Careers Service can help you with this kind of advice and they have both a website and a helpline which you might find useful.

I hope that you can find the advice you need in order to make a decision - remember you can also talk things through with a Childline counsellor if you need to.

Take care.



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