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Post bullying depression

Hi, i was recently bullied by a group of girls for about 3 months. They made my life hell at school, shouting names, threatening to hurt me and spreading rumors about me sexually assaulting someone. I had no friends and spent every lunch in the toilets or hiding in teachers rooms. Although it was extreamly hard at the time it seems to be the after affect thats really got me. The bullying has mostly come to a stop however i feel really scared about going to school. I cant sleep at night, i have lost all my apatite for food and i cry over the smallest things. Not even like a little cry, like the sort of cry that makes your ribs hurt. I have been reading about depression and my symptoms seem to fit but i dont want this to have an affect on my GCSE's. I have decided that i dont want any new fiends and i just want to get my head down in school but the work seems to stress me out so much and it never used too. I want to just be calm and happy.
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Hi there,

It sounds like you have been through a really difficult time being bullied at school. It was not okay for that group of girls to treat you that way. No one has the right to bully you.

Being bullied is upsetting and confusing. It can involve experiences that are really scary, like feeling attacked or vulnerable with no way to stop it.

Bullying can also have a big impact on your life, practically as well as emotionally. It can make you want to avoid certain places and people. And it can end up being something that you think about all the time, affecting what you do.  

So when the bullying stops and you don’t have to ‘fight’ the bullying anymore, you may find that you start to think more about what you’ve been through and how it’s felt. 

You may start to feel tired, anxious, upset, angry, sad and negative about yourself and perhaps life in general. These types of feelings may feel difficult to understand as after all the bullying has stopped. But they are completely understandable. Your body and your mind are trying to make sense of what's happened.

You might find it helpful to watch our video about building your confidence back up after bullying.

It’s important that you don’t keep negative feelings bottled up. Talking about your feelings and your experiences of bulling can help you to come to terms with what happened to you. And this can help you to move on.

Remember that you can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor. They can talk through what other support might help you to cope with the after effects of bullying.

I hope this helps.

Take care,

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