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Hey there Sam,

I have this weird problem with like saying things sometimes, especially reading things out loud, where I know what I’m gonna say, but i’m left either holding one word/syllable or adding words until i can actually pronouce the thingy, I find though pointing at the word helps if I’m at a restraunt, etc. I’m thinking about getting speech therapy in September, so yeah...

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Hi there,

It can be frustrating if you find talking or reading out loud difficult, especially when you know what you want to say but the words won’t come out. For some people stress and anxiety can make it hard to pronounce things, and it might feel more difficult when you need to read out loud in front of other people. Sometimes there might be a physical or a development problem that’s causing the communication problems.

Speech therapy is a type of help for people who have difficulty with their speech or language. A doctor or Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher at school can refer you for an assessment if you need help with your speech.

Speech and language therapists work with children and young people who have voice disorders, stammering or difficulties pronouncing sounds. There are lots of reasons these might happen, such as hearing problems, dyslexia, physical disability or a delay in language development. In some cases the speech and language problems are connected with a learning disability or an autism spectrum disorder. Whatever the reason for your difficulty there is help and support available.

The first step to getting help is to tell a trusted adult what’s happening and how it's making you feel. You could talk to your parent, carer, relative, teacher or your doctor. Try to give them specific examples of what you're having problems with and when it happens or if it’s all the time. You could write things down so you don’t miss something important.

It’s good for you to have some strategies to help you cope. These could include pointing at the word you’re struggling with so someone else can help or taking a few slow deep breaths before you attempt to say something to help you to feel calmer.

If you need additional help with speech and language your speech therapist and your SEN teacher can put support in place for you at school so that you’re able to join in with activities.

Remember, you can contact a Childline counsellor for support by 1-2-1 chat or email.

Thank you for your letter.

Take care,



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