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Permanately excluded for having mental health issues


So on wednesday i had a bad mental health incident in school. I knew i was feeling bad so i went to my head of years office to see if i could go home. whilst i was in there i got very angry and upset because she was telling me off for missing a lot of lessons. i punched the cupboard and tied something round my neck so they called an ambulance. i have always kept safe in college before but i got overwhelmed and now college have excluded me, giving me nothing else to do or nowhere to go. i emailed my teachers apologising, but they all just ignored me. it seems like everyone has given up on me and i am only a few months away from my a levels and im not even allowed to sit those

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Hi there,

Anyone can be affected by mental health issues. Mental health can affect lots of things such as how you feel about yourself, your happiness and your confidence. When negative thoughts, anxiety or stress start affecting your daily life; support, care and help is needed rather than being excluded from situations.

If your college are unaware of your difficulties with mental health issues it could be important to talk to them about it. If you are getting medical help, it would be good to speak to your doctor or specialist about what happened at school. They may be able to write a letter to school explaining the situation and help them understand your needs and how they can help to care for you. This could mean meeting up with school to try and sort things out.

If you are not currently seeing a doctor or specialist about your mental health issues, it’s important to see someone as soon as you can and to explain how things have been for you. Telling them about the instances where things get out of control like in the situation at school will help them to give you support. Doc Ready can help you prepare for a GP appointment about mental health.

It would also be possible for either you or a parent/carer to contact your Local Education Authority or School Governors to discuss the school’s treatment of you and to ask them to look at your exclusion and the reasons the school have come to that decision.

If you continue to be ignored by your school, or if you would like to investigate your legal position, then you could contact CORAM Children’s Legal Service to find out your legal rights to attend school and sit your exams and to ask for advice on what to do next.

Childline are always there for you if you want to talk things through in more detail. You can contact our counsellors by phone, chat or email at any time.

Take care for now.


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