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Im really worried about my sats. My teachers made a really big deal out of it, and even gave me a 100 page grammar book, I was told to complete it in a month! I'm also really worried because I'm hopeless at maths, and we have 3 math papers! Also all everyone talks about is sats. "Good luck on your sats!" And "sats is coming up!" It's driving me mental! I just really want to do well in my sats, but whenever someone mentions sats I break into a fit of tears.
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The pressure to revise or to get good results in exams can be very stressful. And it can sometimes feel like your whole future depends on the grades that you get. But exams are a way for your teachers to see how you’re doing at school. Finding something difficult doesn’t always mean that you aren’t good enough.

It sounds as though you’re feeling worried about your exams. But it can really help to prepare for what’s to come. Some people find it helpful to make a revision timetable to plan when you’ll study, which subjects and how long you’ll study for. It might be helpful to revise with a few friends but this doesn’t always work for everyone.

Your teachers are there to support you, and it might be helpful to ask to your maths teacher if they can help you with getting ready for your exams.

It’s important to eat and sleep well, look after yourself and give yourself breaks, too. Giving yourself time to relax and do something you enjoy each day is a good way to get rid of nerves.

If you feel really anxious try to breathe deeply and slowly while you’re waiting for the exam to start. This can help you to feel calmer and more able to focus on what you need to do.

Exam results are important but they’re not the only step to a happy future. And you can only do the best you can on the day.

If you feel like you can’t cope with the pressure it’s good to think about talking to someone instead of bottling everything up inside – maybe your friends, someone at home or a counsellor.

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