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My friends call me horrible names

2 of My friends are being really nasty to me like they are saying that I have a crush on people I don't like and they swear at me all the time but one of them is my best friends really good friend so I'm scared that if I tell on this friend then my best friend wont be my friend any more what should I do?
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Thanks for your letter. It sounds like things have been tough lately so it’s great that you’ve written in for some support.

From your letter it seems that these girls have been swearing at you and saying things about you that aren’t true. No one should be treated like this and it’s never nice to be sworn at. You called these girls ‘friends’ in the letter but a good friend is someone who you can have fun with and is kind to you. It doesn’t seem like these girls are being very kind at the moment. You might find it interesting to read the page about friendships in Explore.

You wrote that you’re worried about telling anyone, because your best friend is also friends with this girl. I can see how this may make things complicated but your best friend may want to be there for you and support you. Maybe you could both talk to the other girls together about what has been happening? It’s possible that you might all be able to talk things through.

If the girls keep being nasty to you like this it would be seen as bullying and the teachers at your school should try and help you with this. You could try talking to a teacher or head of year about what’s been happening. They might be able to give you helpful tips and, if you wanted, they might be able to talk to the girls about what they have been doing.

You are welcome to come and talk with a Childline counsellor by logging in for a 1-2-1 chat. You can also ring for free on 0800 111. Other young people could also give you great advice and support if you leave a message on the Childline message boards.

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