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My dyslexia

Hi Sam, i know that i am dyslexic because i struggle with reading, as i see colours around the words and they move or i misread them. Also, when reading i get headaches/stomach pains and i have trouble pronouncing words so i know what im gonna say but it comes out wrong or i keep stuttering so much that i get myself worked up and very stressed about it for no reason. Im starting to be ashamed of it too because my a few of my friends are beginning to laugh at my stuttering and i feel more and more embarrased every time it happens.

My writing is affected too becuase i misspell quite a few words every few sentences so when i cross them out it looks scruffy but then people begin to ask my why cant i spell that word properly because its something like soldier which i spell like soildeir without meaning to.

I am worried that if my classmates found out they would tease me about it (maybe execpt for one cause shes dyslexic too) and abandon me because of it and think that im unintelligent and think differently about me.

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Hi there,

Dyslexia is a learning disability and it means that things like reading, writing and spelling words are difficult. Dyslexia can affect lessons at school and homework. Someone who is dyslexic might find things like reading a book are harder for them than other people.

Getting help as soon as you can is important, and this includes seeing your doctor for a diagnosis and to find out what support they can offer. Speaking to your school teachers could mean you get extra help – such as more time to complete work. They can also help you use the other strengths you have in your work and learning.

At home, family can support you too by listening to you and helping you build your confidence and work out what support you need, as this may change over time. Having dyslexia can make learning harder, but there are things that will make it easier. There’s no reason why having dyslexia will stop you from doing what you want in life.

It’s against the law for anyone to treat a person with a disability, like dyslexia, differently to other people. Your school and future employers have to put things in place to help you, but this will only be done if people know about it.

It can be hard feeling different. One way of thinking about it could be to see that everyone is unique. People are good at some things and not at others. There are likely to be some things you’re better at than your friends and classmates, for example.

It may be hard telling your friends about your dyslexia but it’s also hard trying to hide it from them. If you know others with dyslexia, perhaps you could get together and compare your situations and support each other.

It may be that after reading my reply, you’d like to talk more. If that’s the case, you could speak to an adult you trust or one of the counsellors at Childline. You can also go on the Childline message boards to find out other people’s experience of coping with dyslexia and see how they support each other on there.

Take care for now.


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