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my anxiety

I have Add,(Attention deficit disorder),and I get bad anxiety.At my recent add appointment last Thursday I told my add specialist how my anxiety has risen.My mum agreed with me and my auntie too.The add specialist nurse said how about a person from point one who would go into my school or house and I could speak to them of I felt like I needed to talk to someone to let my feelings out.When my brother went in for his ADHD appointment,I was speaking to my auntie about a person from point one.i told her I didn't want to be known as the special kid at school.she told me that I wouldn't so I thought I would like it.Do you think so? 😍 Thank You, Me!!
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Hi there,

You said that you have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Just to explain this to anyone else reading this letter - ADD is like Attention Deficit Hyperactively Disorder (ADHD) but without the hyperactivity part. So that means on the outside you may not act hyperactive. But inside you may feel like your mind and thoughts are racing around and around. 

This can make it very hard to concentrate and focus and you may get distracted easily, be impulsive and feel restless. However it’s important to know that everyone with ADD or ADHD will experience difficulties in different ways, because everyone is different.

There can be lots of good things about having ADD, like having lots of ideas and being able to think of things in different ways to other people. But it can sometimes feel really difficult to slow down your thoughts and feelings. This can sometimes result in feelings of anxiety for lots of people with ADD. So you are not on your own with feeling this way.

It’s a really good idea to tell your ADD specialist about your rise in anxiety.  She should be able to help you find ways of coping with these feelings. It sounds like she has recommended a counsellor so that you can talk and let your feelings out. You can also read more about managing your anxiety.

It is not okay for anyone at school to make you feel awkward or bad about getting support or having ADD. If people make you feel bad for any reason this would be called bullying. Perhaps you could talk to your ADD specialist or the counsellor about these worries and together you could come up with a plan to make you feel more comfortable with actually getting to the sessions. That might be having the sessions at home or at school but not telling other pupils what the appointment is about. 

Perhaps talking through some ideas or any worries with a ChildLine counsellor may help too.

I hope this has helped you. Remember you can talk to ChildLine about anything else if you need to.

Take care


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