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Mock gcse

Hi I'm really worried about my mock tomorrow in science it's my first one and its on the units b2 c2 and p2. I have revised quite a bit but not everything and today I realised I had forgotten to revise a the majority of p2 and I'm not that great on b2 either.

I'm very worried that It will come up and will be the difference between me passing and falling.

My friends have all revised them really well and i'm worried that they will all do better than me and i will look stupid.

And also I have forgotten to do my English homework because I was stressing so much over my revision. im just so worried that I will get a bad grade and look stupid

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Hi there,

It can be very stressful revising for exams. You may feel a lot of pressure to do well. That pressure could come from family who tell you that you need to get a good grade, from friends that you want to keep up with, or from yourself. The pressure you put yourself under can play a big part when it comes to exam stress so it’s important to recognise it and know how to cope.

When we’re feeling stressed we tend to give ourselves negative messages about failing. It’s good to try and replace these with positive, encouraging thoughts. The more positive you are, the easier it will be to focus and to feel relaxed. A lot of the pressure we feel can often come from ourselves, so staying positive is one way to change that.

If you speak to your friends about your exams, it’s important that you don’t compare yourself. People often brag about how well they’re doing, but remember that everyone learns in different ways. If your friends have revised all of the units, perhaps you could see how they managed to do that. Then you could try and find a way to revise that suits you.

You are not stupid if you aren’t as successful as others in your exams. Everyone works differently and some people do better under exam conditions than others.

It can take time to learn what revision style works for you. If you have lots of units to cover, perhaps you could create a revision schedule, to make sure you revise all of the units. A schedule can also mean you have enough time on each topic. That way it will also be easier to remember to revise everything. This can also help your homework as well.

You can always speak to a counsellor at ChildLine. They’re always there for you, whenever you want to speak to someone.

Best of luck with your exams,

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