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Maths problems :(

Hello! I am a normal 14 year old girl who loves to sing,eat chocolate,play sport and also loves school! But... I have recently descovered that I struggle with numbers . They are muddled up in my head ! I am forever writing them back to front and also crying over worded questions when I get confused? Any ideas what it could be ?

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Hi there,

Getting confused and muddled with words and numbers can be really hard to deal with. It can have an impact on your school, home life and your self-esteem. But you’re not alone with this. Many young people have similar struggles. You’re doing the right thing by talking about it.

It’s great that you enjoy school. You have the right to feel supported to achieve your full potential. Your teachers are there to give you guidance when you’re getting confused. It can be a good idea to think about the teachers you feel most comfortable with and how it would feel telling them that you’re struggling.

Talking to someone who cares can help you to share your worries. It can also help them to understand more about what things are like for you. Talking to your teacher can also help them identify any educational needs and get you the right support.

It can sometimes feel a little daunting asking for help from a teacher. Talking to Childline can be a way to help build your confidence to it. You can take your time when you speak to them and even use the Art box on 1-2-1 chats if you’re struggling to talk.

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