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Maths Exam

Hi I'm taking a maths exam an I've done the exam three times already and now it's the fourth attempt and am quite worried to take it again, what do I do??
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Hi there,

Preparing for exams can be a really worrying time. It could feel even more intense if you're resitting them. It could be a good idea to talk to your teacher who might have some ideas about things you could focus on when preparing to resit an exam. They might also help you to identify areas where you feel you need more help and support.

Lots of people feel nervous during exam preparation time. Trying to be organised can be a good way to get those feelings under control. It’s really important to plan your revision. Make sure you include breaks as this can help with concentration. Lots of people find that breaking work down into smaller manageable chunks helps them to revise. You can find lots of tips to help with revision on our Homework and revision page. You might also find it helpful to read our exam stress page.

The ChildLine counsellors are always there for you if you would like to talk more about this or anything else that’s on your mind.

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