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Dear sam i am leaving my primary and i am really upset, i dont know how i will fit in with everyone and i feel everyone will bully because at transtion they were all giving me dirty looks and some girl tripped me over i dont know how to show them i am tough,
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Hi there,

It’s really good that you'’ve found the courage to write me as it sounds like you're having a difficult time coping with the move to secondary school. It’s good to get support at this time.

A lot of young people have a tough time with the move from primary to secondary school. This is why schools try to help by having transition days. However sometimes this can be really difficult, especially if the older children at the school aren’t supportive on the day. It sounds like you felt they were targeting you but it’s likely that they were doing this to everyone. It’s important to remember that this happening on transition day doesn’t mean it will always be like this.

You’'ve said you don't know how to show them you're tough, but you shouldn’t have to. Sometimes trying to do something back can create even more problems. Some young people have told me that it can help to try to look like something hasn'’t bothered you until you'’re away from the situation. However, you shouldn'’t have to do this either and you have the right to ask for support whenever something like this happens.

As well as being there to teach, it’s also the responsibility of the school staff to keep you safe. It’'s important that you get some help and support from them when you need it. The people you may be able to turn to for support might be your head of year, your form tutor or someone in pastoral care/student support if your school has this. If you don’'t get the help you need then you can also ask your parents/carers to speak to school for you, which can help school take it more seriously.

We have some really useful information about how to deal with bullying, and you can find more support on Bullying UK. They also provide help and support to parents as well as young people. 

It’s really good that you'’ve written to me about this as starting secondary school is a really big change for young people . You're welcome to get support from Childline for any issues you have with this or anything else. You can to a counsellor for free by calling 0800-1111, you can log on for a 1-2-1 chat with a counsellor or you can send an email

In the meantime, please take care,

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