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Leaving my favourite teacher.


I have just finished Year 11 and I am going on to Sixth Form in September, Ive been at my Secondary school for 5 years and for the last two years ive had this one teacher who taught me science who became so close to me as i was going through a rough patch at home and so she would ask me what was wrong and when i told her she spent the next two years helping me by letting me email her constantly and she would let me stay with her when i was upset.

But now ive left, i really miss her, im never going to see her again, and she's made such an impact on my life that i dont know how to cope with it, i am attached to her because of her stability. but ive tried emailing her how i feel about her but my school emails wont work any more so she will never know how i truely felt about her.

Nobody else at my school are sad about leaving, i am and i knew i would be but its so hard i didnt imagine it to hit me this hard.



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Hi there,

Teachers can sometimes become the person we trust the most. Good teachers will be there for their students outside of the subject they teach and can be a good place to begin talking about difficult things. Moving on from school and leaving that support behind can be really hard but that is part of moving on and the journey that you are taking.

When someone has given such stable support for a long time, it can be difficult to learn to cope without them. At first it may feel like you are alone and the thought of that can be scary. Something to remember though is that if you do need some support, there will always be other people who can fill that role. Nobody is ever going to be quite like your teacher was but others can support you in different ways. We've got tips on asking an adult for help.

You may also surprise yourself with how well you can cope without your teacher. Don't underestimate yourself - moving on from support is the next step in your journey and it can be just as important as coping with that person there.

Leaving people behind can be sad, but it doesn't always have to be the end. Some schools allow ex-students to visit and see their old teachers. Perhaps after a while you might want to contact your school and ask if this will be possible. A lot of the time teachers are pleased to see how their students have progressed after leaving.

Your feelings are important even if nobody else is feeling the same way as you. If you feel sad, that's okay and talking about it is okay too. Our counsellors are here for you if you'd like to talk about how you're feeling. And you can also share your thoughts with others on our message boards.

Thanks for writing in.

Take care,


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