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injections in school.

I had a letter from the school nures saing that year 7 are getting injections in school but it diden't say when where getting injections . I'm worried about getting injections at school and scared and terrified of needles. of them. I think everyone will laugh if i cry. How can i not be  scared of injections ? is there any way  you can  help me sam please ?
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Hi there,

Thank you for writing to me. I can hear that you’re worried about having an injection at school. You’ve said that you think other people will laugh if you get upset, but I know there will be other young people who feel just like you do.

It is not unusual to feel a bit worried about needles. Some adults will find they get anxious about injections, even though they know that injections really don’t hurt very much. Sadly, we don’t usually get a choice about the sorts of things that make us worried! What we do have a choice about is how we manage those worries. It can take a bit of time and practice to take charge of our worrying, but it can certainly be done.

If you have a school nurse at your school, you may find it helpful to talk through your worries with him or her. If you can’t talk to the nurse then you could talk to another trusted adult like a parent, carer, teacher or school counsellor.

Getting prepared by talking your worries through and finding out about coping strategies will help you feel more ready and less likely to get upset on the day. There are lots of different strategies that you could use to help yourself feel less anxious. You might want to think about asking a friend to help distract you on the day, or you might practice some deep breathing exercises. Have a look at the anxiety page in the Explore section for more ideas. Other young people have shared some really good tips on the “health worries” message boards about coping with injections.

You have done well to write to me about your worries and I hope that everything goes well for you on the day. If you’d like to talk a bit more about how you feel, remember you’re very welcome to talk to a counsellor at ChildLine.

Take care,


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