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hi sam!

i am in really big trouble at school. i wrote something really bad about a teacher on a piece of paper and some other teacher found it and said that she will be taking further action. I have really messed up and its so stupid. i am panicking as they are going to question me about it tomorrow. My parents are really strict and they will be so angry at me if they find out what i wrote on that piece of paper. Please i really need advice. i was thinking of lying tomorrow. i really dont know what t do. help !

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Hi there,

Everyone makes mistakes and we all mess up sometimes. There is not just one way that's right in every situation and it's down to each person to decide what they think is right or wrong. Lying to cover things up can often end up being more complicated and can make things worse if people find out you lied. Being honest and open can be for the best in the long term, even if it means being in trouble in the present.

Nobody is perfect and everyone does things they regret or that make them feel guilty. We might say or do something that breaks the rules or hurts someone and then later wish we hadn't. What you do after you've done something wrong can have a big effect on what happens next.

I can't tell you what you should do or whether to lie or not. Every situation is different and there are very few things that are always wrong. You need to look at your situation and decide for yourself what you should do.

If you were to lie it might mean that you aren't punished at all, but you risk getting punished more if you are caught. Everything we do has consequences and it's important to remember that how you act gives people an impression of you. If they know that you lied in the past then it might mean they won't trust you in the future.

If you tell the truth, you might still get punished but there is also a chance to apologise and make things right before they get worse. Often if someone can see that you are truly sorry and you give an apology, they are more likely to accept that you made a mistake.

I hope this helps you to see that there are different options available to you and that only you can make this choice. Remember, you can talk to Childline counsellors at any time if you’re feeling worried.

Thanks for your letter, take care.


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