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I'm going to year six and i'm worried.

I'm going to year six in september, and i'm worried if the work will be too hard for me and if i wont pass my sats, my teacher this year isn't that strict but i'm still kinda worried about the whole school year and how it will work out.

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Hi there,

It's normal to feel nervous about big changes at school. Whether you moving up a year or are or moving to a new school  altogether, it can make you anxious not knowing what it's going to be like. When worrying about the future it can help to try and focus more on what's happening now, instead of worrying about something that may not even happen.

We can all start to let worries about the future get on top of us from time to time. When we know that a big change is coming, we can begin to think about it a lot. The more we think about it, the bigger this thing can be in our minds.

If something is making us feel anxious we can often think of it as completely bad, and don’t see the good things about it.that thing as being bad and there's no good things about it. In reality there may be lots of good things about moving up to year six, but you could be focusing only on the scary things. Try thinking about some of the good things about moving to year six as well as the parts that make you nervous.

When thinking about the scary parts, it's also important to remember that they might not  happen. We don't always know what the future holds, and what actually happens your experience of it can be very different to what you expected.

Remember that you're not alone - your classmates will be going through the same experiences you are, so it might be useful to talk to them so you can support each other. There are also other young people on the Childline message boards who can tell you about their own experiences of year six

I hope this helps, thanks for writing to me.


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