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i cant do it

i am finding it hard to do my homework because my mumand my stepdad keep arguing about things i need help and i will get told off i get a detention
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Thank you for writing to me, I can hear that these arguments are making it difficult for you to concentrate on getting your homework done. Having a good working environment to complete your homework is important and it sounds like this is not happening at home right now. 

You don’t mention how you get along with your mum and your step-dad, but perhaps you could talk to them about the impact these arguments are having on you. Once they become aware that the arguing is causing a problem they might take more care not to disturb you in the future. They may not know the impact their arguing is having on you.  If you think this would not change anything then another option is to think about doing your homework in a more suitable environment. For example, you could go to the library at school, go round to a friend’s house or even go to your nearest public library.

If you are also finding it difficult to understand some of the work you have been given then the teachers at school are in the best position to help you. As they have set the homework they should be able to provide you with some advice about how to complete it. Talking to the teachers about homework can seem a bit scary but they are there to support you. If you would prefer not to say anything in front of the class then choose a time when you can speak to the teacher alone. You might also want to make the teachers aware of what things are like for you at home so, this way, they can take it into account when looking at your work.

I would encourage you to have a chat with a ChildLine counsellor if you are still concerned about any of this. You can contact the counsellors by phoning 0800 1111 for free, logging on for a 1-2-1 chat through the website or sending an email. You can also take a look at the school work message boards and see what other young people have to say about homework.

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