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Hi sam im writing to you today to ask what should i do if ive forgotten my homework? im one of those people who leave their work to the last minute then reaslise that you dont have it. I struggle with anxiety and normally think of what might happen when i see the teacher the next day. i know that your busy and wont respond till after i have spoke to the teacher or what not but could i have advice if i ever got into this situation again please? Thanks

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Hi there

Things like homework, studying and revision are all an important part of going to school. Some people find it difficult to get into a routine or good habits when doing homework and leave things until the last minute. It can hard to change the way you do things but understanding why you do might help.

It can be hard to create a balance between personal time and school work. Leaving things to the last minute is also known as procrastination. When we procrastinate it’s usually because we want to be distracted or feel there are other things we can be doing that are more interesting or fun. But, if you choose to do something else instead of homework, it’s often harder to enjoy it because you’ll know the work is still there.

The first step is to remember that you can make choices and they can either help you or make things more difficult. Sometimes we choose things that make it harder for ourselves later because we want fun things now. It’s good to think about how happy you might be when you’ve finished your homework and don’t have to think about it anymore. Planning and being organised can really help you feel more in control and able to get your homework done. Making a plan or schedule for your homework could make it easier to keep on track.

Another really good way of planning your day is to think about your school day not ending after the final bell. Instead, it’s not finished until your homework is done. You might find doing your homework in a library straight after school can help. If you’re struggling to trust yourself to do the work at home, spending some extra time at school or a local library might help you stay focused.

There are more homework and revision tips on our advice pages. If you feel you’re struggling to understand or catch up, it might help to talk to someone at school or an adult you trust. You can also talk to one of our Childline counsellors who are always here to listen and to support you.

Thanks for your letter, take care


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