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got rejected

I went to an interview for an apprenticeship and i found out that they rejected me. What if i can never be good enough to gain a good opportunity. I feel really embarressed and frustrated with myself that I didnt try hard enough

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Hi there,

Getting rejected or failing at something is a normal part of life. Everyone fails at something from time to time and that's okay. You can learn from both success and failure. It's easy to start thinking of this as a missed opportunity, but you don't know what will happen next. Not getting this apprenticeship may lead to something better.

Applying for jobs, apprenticeships and university is a big part of becoming a young adult. You may have to make a lot of decisions about your future as a teenager and young adult and at times this can be stressful.

Whether it's applying for a job, taking an exam or working towards a qualification - looking at them in a certain way can make them a positive experience, no matter what happens. If you treat every opportunity as a way to learn, then you can still get something positive from it, even if you don't succeed.

What you could do now is ask for feedback and what you can do differently. Try to think about what you did well and what you can improve for next time.

Other things you could try are applying for other apprenticeships, volunteering or learning new skills. You will succeed at some and fail at others - but the times you fail, you can use the learning and experience to help you next time.

I hope this helps, if you'd like to talk more then our counsellors are there for you. I'm really glad you sent me this letter - don't give up!



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