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going to high school

I'm going to high school in semptember and here's the thing my really close friend is going to a different school and I'm really going to miss her as we have no contact except in primary. What shall I do ??
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It's completely understandable to have these feelings around missing your friend.

Even though you and your friend only have contact in school, you could think about making arrangements so that you can still have contact outside of school. For example, you could swap phone numbers or arrange to meet up in the holidays and weekends.

Part of growing up is about learning how to meet new people and high school is a great opportunity to make new friends and build your friendship groups. It might be worth having a look at our page about friends. There is some information there which could help you feel confident when meeting new people.

You could also talk to your friends as they could be feeling similar to you and you could support each other between now and when you move to high school.

If you wanted to talk this through some more you can come through and talk with one of our counsellors who would be happy to support you. You can call for free on 0800 1111, have a 1-2-1 chat, or send an email.

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