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I am goings i be doing gcses soi and I am deciding what gcses I want to take but I don't know what I want to be when I'm older so it is harder for me to decide.   Help!!!!!!
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Hi there,

GCSE choices are important because your grades can affect your A-level, university and degree options. It's good that you're thinking about it carefully. Many people don’t know what career they want. Lots of people decide they want to do a certain job but then change their mind. This is completely normal, so try not to worry.

Most schools allow pupils to study up to 10 GCSE’s with English and Maths being compulsory subjects in the UK. Some schools make other subjects compulsory so it’s important to check.

Choose subjects you think you’ll enjoy and be good at. GCSE’s are hard work, but it's made easier if you enjoy the subject. Also, if you get high grades you’ll have more options for work or further study, especially if you might study a subject to A-level.

Remember to think about the subject. Try not to pick a subject because your friends are doing it or you like the teacher. If a new subject interests you, read the course outline and ask the teacher for more information to see if they think it would suit you.

Knowing what career you want will help to narrow your choices, but taking a good mix of subjects – science, history or geography, language, or art – will keep your options open.

To get an idea of careers it might help to think widely about hobbies or extra-curricular activities. Perhaps you could have a career in that area. Research what grades are needed to work in that profession.

For more help you could check out our information about making decisions or money and jobs. You could also look at the National Careers Service and Career PiIot websites.

If you have done some work experience, thinking back to areas you did and did not enjoy can help to think about your career options. If you haven’t had work experience, you may want to consider arranging some as it’s a great opportunity to get more information on a career. It also looks great on your CV. While you’re there you can ask people about their job role and what qualifications and courses they needed.

If your school does not offer work experience, you could ask your parents/carers to help you organise some during half-term or weekends.

Discussing your options with friends, family, and teachers might help you decide what to take, but do remember it is your choice.

Take care,

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