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Hi I am very stressed at the moment because of gcsesI do ask my school for help but they never listen. I can't even not do then because it's my future. I just feel so under presure I don't think I am smart enough help me
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Hi there,

Trying to revise everything all at once can seem impossible. And it can make you feel really stressed about your exams. When you feel like this it can be even harder to concentrate on studying. But feeling prepared and finding ways to relax can help make the most of your revision time.

Making a revision plan can help you feel more prepared. When you receive your exam timetable, you could start planning the order you revise in starting with the first exams you have.

It can also be a good idea to take regular breaks so that you can take in the information you need. And revising with music playing quietly in the background can also help you remember what you were reading. A different artist for each subject helps you recall specific information.

Looking at everything you have to revise all at once can be scary. But you could try revising in small blocks and concentrating on the exams coming up first. Revising with friends can help you to understand subjects you find difficult. But you might find it difficult to concentrate. BBC Bitesize is a really helpful site when revising, as well as using revision books. 

No one can ask you to do more than your best. Exams are important but they don’t influence everything. If you can focus on each exam as it comes and give 100% you may be pleased with what you achieve. You might find that talking to a counsellor may help build your confidence.

Take care,

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